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Silicone Wristband Specifications
Not sure which size of wristband to get? Download our spec sheet. Simply print and cut out each size band and try on both sizes to see which one fits you best!

All of our laser engraved debossed silicone wristbands are made right here in the USA! All other types of bands are made in China. If, for some reason, we are out of the stock color you ordered (for our laser USA option) we will have to out source your order to China to be made by mould process. This is to ensure that you get the best product with minimal delay time. If you absolutly need USA made in this case production could take up to four weeks and a $0.10 per band extra charge will be added. All of WristbandsNow's custom bracelets are made from 100% high-density silicone. This means your bands will last! We test our silicone wristbands for durability. This includes special items such as silk screen printing and color-filled silicone wristbands. We inspect each order before it ships to be sure your wristband will not break when you put it on. We guarantee our quality and stand behind our wristbands.


SuperClean Wristbands™
Our SuperClean Wristbands meet stringent quality standards. Our quality control team is dedicated to inspecting the wristbands ensuring the message is deep, readable, and clean. No dust, dirt, or any other messy stuff to deal with! Forget about washing your wristbands when you receive them! Ours ship ready-to-wear!

WristbandsNow Quality
Something you will see on all wristband sites is a message that says not all wristbands are the same. This is a true statement. Not all are the same. Our experience will show through our product. We guarantee it!
Make sure your wristband has the WristbandsNow seal on the inside!

Sizes & Shapes + $0.10 per custom silicone wristbands
For all of our key chains the Adult size wristband is used by default. All wristbands made are 1/2" tall and 2mm thick. The Adult wristbands are a little larger than the Youth wristbands and are better for males or persons with thick wrists. The Youth size is suitable for the thin wristed people such as adolescence or some women. {We are limited in our child size colors for orders under 50 wristbands at this time. If you select a color to be made into child sizes that we currently don't offer then they must be at least a 50 silcione wristbands minimum which all contain the same color, message, and text color (if any). The colors available are listed with the instructions on the home and design pages. If you request for a color that is not listed to be made child size, the original size (adult or youth) that you selected will apply. Please follow and read our directions carefully.} Custom sizes & shapes are available upon request, for more information please contact us or give us a call. There is a minimum order for custom sizes and shapes; it is 50 wristbands at this time. For each set of 50 wrist band that you order it must have the same message, color, and size. Because of the extra labor and material involved a $0.10 per custom band charge will apply. You must call to place a custom size and shape order; 1-800-856-1997.

Wristband Colors
We have one of the largest color silicone wristband inventories you will find. We have, count them for yourself, colors in our inventory to choose from and growing daily! Our color selection does not stop there. We can produce a wristband with virtually any color combination! There is a $0.05 additional charge per band for swirls/marbleized and/or segmented bands! Due to the uniqueness of the wristbands, colors may vary. You must call 1-800-856-1997 to place this order.

WristBand Custom Colors + $0.10 per band
WristbandsNow offers has a large inventory of cool stock colors to choose from. We are one of the few companies that do not charge extra for segmented (2-3 color band like Red/White/Blue) and swirled or marbleized bands. There is a minimum order of 50 wristbands for custom color wristbands at this time. For each set of 50 that you order it must have the same message, color, and size. For orders over 50, we have over 1000 Custom Color  you can choose from. You must call 1-800-856-1997 to place this order. Feel free to mix and match (below 50)!

Embossed Wristband
The word embossed means a design that stands out from the wristband. The letters on the band are raised out similar to that of those on a credit card.

 Debossed Silicone Wristbands
The word debossed means a design that is engraved into the wristband. The letters on the band are sunk into the silicone. There is a no minimum order for this type of wristband.

Color-Filled wristbands + $0.30 per band
Color-fill option is an excellent choice for when you want your message to contrast and stand out regardless if your wristband is embossed or debossed. The text on your band is actually filled with color. You can choose from a variety of wristband colors. Because of the labor involved, there is a minimum order quantity of 50 wristbands. For each set of 50 that you order it must have the same message, color, and size. The cost is $0.25 extra a band plus $0.05 for an additional color. Check out our Color Fill Samples!

Screen Printed Wristbands + $0.30 per band
Screen Printed wristbands are slightly different than debossed wristbands. The quality of the band is exactly the same; however, instead of the message being debossed into the wristband, the message is screen printed onto the wristband. Also, with screen printed wrist bands, you get to choose a (one) text color for the message. Each additional text color will cost $0.30 a color per wristband. Our screen printed wrist bands are of the highest quality. We have even gone as far as trying to scratch of the message with our fingernails but the words would not scratch off! Screen printing is available on larger orders only of 50 or more.


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