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Hear What Others Have To Say!

 WristbandsNOW's Testimonials! 

"We received our wristbands last week. It was yesterday before I actually got to see them. They are great! Thank you so much for the good job."
Wristbands with a message = Various
+ Steve G. from Duck River, TN

"I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product, prices and quick, free delivery!  I placed an order for a 3 personalized wristbands for my daughters on Monday afternoon and they've already arrived today, Friday afternoon.  They look great and we plan to use them for safety reasons when we take a trip to Disney.  They are customized with cell #'s of each parent, in case any of them get separated.  Thank you again...already posted about it on FB and inserted your web site link too :)"

Wristbands with a message = Various

+ Barbara P. from Norwood, PA

"Unbelievably great work! If you ever want a written endorsement, let me know. Very, very impressed. Great service. Great product. Thanks!"

Wristbands with a message = focus

+ David B. from Winnsboro, TX


"I would just like to take the opportunity to thank your company. I purchased order number xxxxx and not only did the wristbands come very quickly, I am more than satisfied and grateful for the way they turned out. My aunt recently passed away and loved wristbands and I thought it only fitting to remember her this way. She was my world, my baby, my life. To receive the wristbands so beautifully and professionally made melted my heart. Thank you so much for helping me honor my heart in such a special way and I look forward to receiving the additional order I will be placing today. Thank you and God bless."

Wristbands with a message = In Loving Memory Smiling with God

+ Mishalei B. from Glenn Heights, TX

"I really appreciate your quick reply and help. I will certainly order from you in the future. Thanks again!"
Wristbands with a message = Mandy Derks Dirty and Nasty!
+ Craig W. from Stanley, WI

"Thanks for the great service and very quick reply, ill be sure to recommend you guys to anyone who needs wristbands!"

Wristbands with a message = Annie Loves Me

+ Domonic N. from Grapevine, TX

"I received my order so very quickly and how perfect the wristbands were!  I will definitely recommed your site to others.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"

Wristbands with a message = Angels of Luke

+ Tina T. from Chicago, IL

I very stupidly delete all my emails and don't know how to do really anything on computer. I call you guy up and you be sayin very nice thing to me and help me out to find my info and where my stuffs is at. I greatly appreciate it. Thank yous.

Wristbands with a message = Grace & Dominic
+ Grace K. from Waukesha, WI

"Thank you so much for getting these bands to my boyfriend. I have a hard time of saying how much I love him but I do and I know he loves me and misses me when I am not near too."

Wristbands with a message = You are everything to me. I think about you every day.
+ Tina T. from Austin, TX

 WristbandsNOW On The Net

From the blog: https://sarabest.typepad.com/first100miles/2007/09/moving-on/comments/page/3/ "Sara, I'd only found the Harden... silicone wristbands at that Australian TV site & I wasn't sure about that show, plus the shipping was horrendous. So, I "designed" my own at 2 "custom silicone wristband" internet sites. I bought 5 each from 2 places as I want to compare them for future purchases. It's wild, they have tons of colors, fonts, types. I wanted the "debossed" like the Livestrong ones. Anyway, I ordered from Wristbandsnow & LightbeamLabs. (The latter vendor, Lightbeam Labs, was much more expensive than the 1st, WrsitbandsNOW). Mine will be black & say "HTFU". I can send you one if you want. Just FYI, there are a LOT of custom silicone wristband sites but many have minimum orders of 50-100. The 2 I ordered from had no minimum." For the best quality and savings choose WristbandsNOW.

wristbands with a message = HTFU
+ Jacqueline from Germantown, MD

Chicago Cubs: By Carrie Muskat / MLB.com "Derrek Lee's 1st Touch Foundation sold 1,460 Project 3000 silicone bracelets and raised $7,300 at the Cubs Convention, and fans will be able to purchase the silicone bracelets online this week.... Heather Scherber, development and events coordinator for Lee's 1st Touch Foundation, said the silicone bracelets will be available for $5 apiece, plus a $1 fee for shipping and handling.The light maroon silicone bracelets have "Believe the Unseen" on one side, and "Project 3000" on the other. Proceeds go towards Project 3000, which was created to help find a cure for Lebers Congenital Amaurosis (LCA), a rare disease which causes severe vision loss and blindness. Lee's 3-year-old daughter, Jada, was diagnosed with LCA."

Wristband with a message = Believe The Unseen PROJECT 3000 HAS ORDERD  3 TIMES (17,500 silicone wristbands)!

+ Heather with 1st Touch Foundation from Carmichael, CA

"I'm sorry I didn't email this sooner but they came on Tuesday and they are perfect thank you for rushing those to me  - we have already sold 3!" Check out her website, help suport her cause, and to see our rubber wristbands at work!

Wristbands with a message  = Wings of Hope
Marget from FL, has ordered 2 times!

From the blog: https://www.phpbbserver.com/ "And, for a triple post... I think we’re going to go with a company called Wristbands Now. They have free shipping, great turn-around, and yes, they take money orders. Which is really good if you are like Busta and I and can't pay by credit. Their screen printing looks awesome... they sent me a free sample... plus they give us free shipping (so it's kind of worth it in the shipping alone). So we are consistent--- go for their standard orange wristband, with "Madina Lake Forum" written across it in white..... And they have positive reviews about their screen printing. (Busta- PM me, I have info for you about this that may make this easier for you...) So, here's the number.... 1.800.856.1997 Ready.... Go! (And just a reminder... Busta and I are taking care of ones for Matthew, Nathan, Dan, Mateo, and Dave, so don't bother ordering ones for them.)"
Wristbands with a message  = Madina Lake Forum
+ Adalia from Toronto, ONT